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Are you a talented, undiscovered author wondering how to publish a kids' book?  
Look no further than Jungle Wagon Press... 
A publisher you can have a relationship with! 
"Angela Malavolti, owner of Jungle Wagon Press is a class act who is honest, and full of integrity and creative energy!  She will practically knock herself out to make her business and yours thrive!" 
Universe of You Book Signing 
"Angela is an excellent editor, and had buid the only publishing company I've encountered that really reads a manuscript with its potential in mind. Even though she did not accept my first manuscript submission, she sent it back with positive, hand-written feedback in every margin. She actually wants you to succeed as an author and guides you toward that goal!"  
Namaste Reading 
"It is a true pleasure working with Angela! Her energy level is amazing!  She is always positive, creative, and quick to respond.  Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, communication has been easy."
Jeannie Hayes gets a  
  "Angela supported me in finding the courage to share my passion for crafting stories. Providing tender feedback always...Angela helps a writer find the hidden; after all, the best of creation is often not in plain sight."

"Angela's excitment is contagious.  She is truly interested in producing the best book possible, has great ideas, and listens to what one is truly saying. Working with Angela is a true partnership that enhances the quality of one's book!"  
 Buddy Waits Reading 

"Jungle Wagon Press is dedicated to making sure each author's vision comes to life! As an illustrator, I consider it a priviledge to be a part of the Jungle Wagon team!"

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–Angie Scordato 


"It has been a fabulous experience to be part of the family at Jungle Wagon Press. Angela has both the dedicated eye and the savvy business sense necessary for success. She brings out the very best in our local (and international!) talent. When you work with JWP, you'll gain a business partner as well as a devoted friend."  

-Tamara Ohr, Illustrator/Graphic Design


"Angela's enthusiasm, wisdom, and support made the difference!  She has been so helpful, had good ideas and advice, and is so much fun to work with!  Thanks to the Jungle Wagon Press team, my first attempt at writing at age 87 was a success!"   
Angela and Barbara 

 Jungle Wagon Press DICTIONARY of terms: 

author: An individual with a unique story to share

communication: An author's entire experience is managed by Angela Malavolti, the owner of Jungle Wagon Press. All e-mails, phone calls, Skype or personal meetings are with ME! I troubleshoot all of your concerns to the appropriate Jungle Wagon Team members and support you every step of the way! I treat your work as if it were my own. Prepare yourself for a new friend!

illustrations: Stories told in images, created by the actual hand of a talented artist

marketing: Passionate authors using creative methods and publisher-provided tools to self-promote and disseminate their unique message

success: To capture and enhance, in printed form, the vision, heart, and passion of each story, author, and illustrator